Safe Sleep + SIDS Prevention Webinar


Safe Sleep + SIDS Prevention Webinar


Join me and my husband, Board Certified Pediatrician – now Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow, Michael Hazboun MD for this FREE webinar. The Safe Sleep + SIDS Prevention webinar will work to demystify SIDS, break down all the recommended safe sleep practices so they make sense, and answering any of your related questions.

Learning Objectives for the Safe Sleep + SIDS Prevention Webinar include:

  1. Discuss the evidence on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

  2. Discuss the difference between SIDS and Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths

  3. Discuss ways YOU can decrease the risk for SIDS and other sleep related causes of infant death for your baby.

Ticket options:

  • VIP FREE Ticket ($0): This ticket allows for participation in the webinar + access to PDF handouts and webinar notes + access to webinar recording + handout of our recommended safe sleep products

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