Nesting is the internal instinct to prepare your home and your hearts for your baby!

It is such an exciting and beautiful time, but FEELING ready to start this life long adventure with your sweet newborn is just as important in making this milestone truly memorable and your experience as new parents perfectly amazing.

My name is Jessica. I am a wife to my high school sweetheart (now pediatrician), a mama to two little rascals and 2 pups, a registered nurse with a background in Labor and Delivery, a certified childbirth educator, an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, and a pizza connoisseur (there will always be a special place in my heart for good ol’ Dominos).  Pregnancy, babies, & parenthood (and pizza) are my jam and I love being able to cultivate it into helping people like you.

I worked in a high-risk labor and delivery unit before moving to San Diego for my husband’s pediatric residency program, and it was there that my love for this field, the families I served, and catching babies completely flourished!! I loved my job…. but to be honest, I often found myself frustrated that politics, charting, understaffing, and budgets were often the driving forces behind patient care, rather than the patients themselves… I wanted something more.

It was also there that I realized the need for childbirth classes that would empower, educate, support, and set women and families up for a safe, successful, and positive pregnancy and birth experience.- Not a class that would expect one sort of delivery and lead a family into feelings of failure if it didn’t go perfectly to birth plan.

I wanted all, not just some, of my patients to be 100% involved in their care and to understand what was going on at all times. I found many of my patients were afraid or embarrassed to ask questions to their healthcare provider which would lead to… “googling it” or looking up answers on YouTube. While it’s perfectly normal and encouraged to find answers to questions (as simple or complex as they may be) it is so important to find the answers through a legit and credible source. All pregnancies are different and all mother situations are different!

I created Nearly Nested with the hope of empowering new moms and dads to take on this new role and a new life with utmost confidence by providing classes based in evidence based information, tools to prepare you for your birthing experience, answers to all your questions no matter how big or small, and resources to eliminate any fears, worries, or anxieties that accompany parenthood.

I can promise you, while it is not easy, parenthood will be the most beautiful and silliest journey of your lives.

big hugs and belly love from this mama to you