Inspiring confidence as parents.

Labor, delivery, and recovery is one thing, but bringing your baby home is such a special moment. Having complete trust in your new role as parents will carry you through those first few weeks of learning, bonding, and loving on your new expanded family.

Carseat installation, cord care, safe sleeping, newborn care in the hospital, vitamin D supplementation, breastfeeding, eating habits, bath time, burping, gas, crying, picking out a pediatrician, and vaccines are just a few of the topics we cover to help you feel ready and excited for bringing home your baby bumble bee!


Newborn classes

At this time we only offer standard in class sessions. The Newborn Class is 3 hours long. Each class will have a panel discussion with a Rady Children's Hospital Pediatrician to help answer any questions you may have regarding your baby's healthcare. 



Standard Class