Tried & True & Safe.

There are literally THOUSANDS of products on the market today and it can get a little overwhelming. As a mother (first), a nurse, and wife to a pediatrician, finding products that are CPSC Safety Approved, affordable, and reliable are one of my number one goals when it comes to nesting my own home.

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Babybay® Bedside sleeper

I nursed each of my children, and always have a strong intuition to keep them close. This Bedside sleeper allows you to do JUST THAT while also providing a flat, firm, and separate sleeping area for your infant. This CPSC safety approved crib attaches to the side of your bed (or separately), and truly promotes bonding, breastfeeding, room sharing, and most of all safe sleep for baby and YOU.

Mention “Nearly Nested” during checkout for a free sheet with your order!

Bibs Pacifiers

Research shows pacifiers during sleep help to decrease your baby’s risks of SIDS. Finding one that your baby will take, one that is latex and allergy free, easy to clean, and doesn’t come with an attached stuffed animal is truly important to provide a safe sleep environment. Check out the Bibs pacifiers and use code NEARLYNESTED

The Ollie World

One of the main ways to promote safe sleep is to create a sleeping environment with no loose items (blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, etc.). Providing an environment that keeps your baby warm but not overheating also helps to decrease the risk of SIDS. This swaddle works to promote SAFE sleep while protecting developing hips, regulating temperature, and allowing peace of mind.

Watch the Safe Sleep + SIDS Prevention Webinar + share it with those who help care for your baby.