Top 10 Items For The Best New Mama Gift Basket


I love baby showers. Mostly because I love pregnancy and babies… alright I’ll say it, and “momosas” that have thankfully become a staple. As a mama myself, I spent so much time nesting by preparing the nursery, registering for baby items, washing baby clothes, and prepping a diaper bag. After I delivered I realized I forgot completely about me… specifically the things I would need at home after delivery. 

Back in the day childbirth was somewhat of community/mom tribe event, women supported women, delivery was not so medicalized or private, and there was not much fear around childbirth because you were very much exposed to it. What I loved about my role in labor and delivery was that I had the privilege to play a part in MANY childbirths, I knew what to expect, and I felt prepared and empowered in watching women give birth. It was such a beautiful experience. BUT, after talking to many millennials around my age, I realize THAT is not the case for everyone. In reality, there is this “unknown” that accompanies childbirth and it can be scary, and you can feel and be quite unprepared for the normal occurrences post-delivery.

Since then, my favorite thing to gift at baby showers are postpartum baskets. These baskets are filled with little things that prepare new mamas for postpartum paired with a card that explains each item… I also throw in a few things for the baby because, c’mon, who could resist. While my mama friends may blush a little when opening them, especially if they are first time moms, they hands down thank me after the baby is born.


** Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission should you chose to purchase using my link. Please note that I only recommend products that I personally use and love and always have fellow mama's (+ baby's) interest at heart.

You can gift a few or all of the below, but the top 10 items are:

  1. A cute water bottle: Hydration for a new mom is key for milk production, healing, and because she lost lots of fluids during delivery, it helps with fluid replacement. 

  2. Pads: Postpartum bleeding can last days to weeks and having at least a pack of pads WITH WINGS at the ready just helps your new mama to care for herself, prevent infection, and feel good.

  3. Fridet the MomWasher: A perineal spray that helps to clean any laceration repair, prevent infection, soothes irritation, and honestly just feels great. If your mama is having a cesarean, a GREAT abdominal binder in leu of this would rock!
  4. Witch Hazel Pads: Witch Hazel pads AKA Tucks is used for hemorrhoids, and are cold and soothing. I recommended my patients placed them on top of peri pads for the same effect on the perineum. They are also very gentle for cleaning, and last forever!
  5. Stool Softeners: regardless of a vaginal delivery or cesarean, the first time pooping after is going to be quite uncomfortable. If she needs to take anything stronger than Ibuprofen for pain, constipation is inevitable. Stool softeners/Smooth Move tea will help with that discomfort and make that transition smooth... (get it?? ;])
  6. Ibuprofen: Postpartum cramping is very normal, but feels like bad period cramps, not to mention possible laceration repair discomfort, and the burning that often accompanies breastfeeding. Ibuprofen really helps to ease that discomfort and is safe for the baby. Having this at the ready literally can save a new mom from tears and stress.
  7. Nipple Cream: as I just mentioned, breastfeeding can be quite uncomfortable for the first 1-2 weeks, not only from causing you to contract but throwing nipple sensitivity on top of chapped nipples can bring a new mama to tears. Help prepare her with nipple cream or coconut oil. If that is a liiiittle too intimate for you, a great nursing tank would ROCK her world. Breast accessible clothing is a Game. Changer. Big Time.
  8. Bamboobies: Bamboobies are breast pads made from bamboo and are the SOFTEST breast pads ever and truly absorbent... that comes from someone who made enough milk every feeding to feed an entire NICU and leaked through EVERYTHING. They are my absolute favorite! 
  9. A nursing cover: I am all about "free the nip" but, I also prefer to use a light nursing cover when I don't want to accidentally spray down anyone who is in the way of my breastmilk. I love the ones that are just an easy strap like an apron with a rigid neckline for easy no-fuss breastfeeding.
  10. Prenatal/postnatal vitamins: After delivery a mama's body does not stop working. In fact, more calories are being used for breastmilk, there is more nutritional need for healing and to pass to baby. Encourage a new mama to continue to take vitamins after delivery to help with all of the above and to get back on her feet faster. She very well can get all the vitamins she needs from her diet, but just in case I definitely recommend a whole food vitamin option. 

Mommy-ing ain't easy, and it takes a village. Luckily if you are reading this, you are making that village pretty dang awesome. If you are a momma, no shame in sharing this post to your fam/friends... think of it as part of your registry. You've got this! 

Big hugs and belly rubs from this mama to you